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Personal Designs: Our Personalised Design Service for Sexy Costumes and Custom Tailored Outfits

We offer a personalised design service, through which specific styles, complete outfits or just that something special can be sourced.

Modestly, we advise: Whatever you want to wear, we are confident that we can realise it for you.


Would you like to have that special outfit worn by someone famous, the dress from that prominent film or that Royal wedding or a sexy French maid costume ?.

Perhaps an illustrious impression from a magazine, TV, web site or some other long held daydream appearance ?.

We can realise these garments for you and turn your fantasy dream image, into reality.


The possibilities are virtually endless, you need only just tell us your requirements, fantasies or allow our designer to possibly guide your selection.

Just send us an

If you have seen a specific design that you would like to have, just send us the extracted photo's, magazine drawings, web page links or similar.

We will subsequently interpret your requirements and respond with a detailed quotation, including suggested materials / fabrics and a delivery timescale indication.


For example, per direct request from our existing clients, we have also made various "flowing evening dresses", very smart / stylish daywear outfits and dresses, sexy business women suits, secretaries and very upmarket model outfits, among others.

Of course, we have also made numerous fantasy outfits including French Maids / Pleasure Maids, Service Girls / Hostesses, School Girl Uniforms, Domina's / Mistress and all sorts of sexy uniforms, just to name a few. We have even made some sexual fantasy outfits, that would really shake-up even the wildest imaginations.


We can also supply various Party Dress, Costumes and Club wear.

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Select Our Custom Made to Measure Service or Choose a Standard Size

The personal designs are usually custom tailored, with our Five Star made to measure service, from measurements supplied by the client.

Also for larger sizes, the perfect fitting and styling, is achievable with a simple, no nonsense approach.


We can also suggest designs that minimise or maximise various aspects of your personal profile.

For example, waist slimming outlines or styles that create an impression of femininity and emphasises a sexual womanly body.


Of course, we can supply all garments, in the following standard European, EU, and English (UK / USA) Mens Sizes:

European, EU, Mens Sizes: 48, 50, 52, 54. Corresponding English (UK / USA) Mens Sizes: 38, 40, 42, 44.

Other sizes are available on request.


All our personal designs, can also be supplied in standard women's sizes.

Whatever special design you would like to wear, we are confident that we can turn your dream, into reality.




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Choice of Materials for Your Personal Design

Depending of your design idea, our designer can suggest a range of materials optimally suited to the outfit.


For example, we can suggest a material that brings the design to its fullest potential or gives the most comfortable, ease of wear feeling.


Alternatively, depending on your preferences we can emphasise, for example, a sexy slimming waist silhouette or feature a shapely bust profile.


Of course, we welcome to receive your desires and suggestions or you can simply discuss the best material options with our designer.


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Your Perfect Personal Design Choice

If you have any questions, or you would like to request a personal or custom design, please just send us an .

If you wish, you can elaborate your design ideas by sending us any photo's, drawings, web page links or similar.

We are always pleased to assist.


If your ideas are already developed, you can also send us your measurements, Please refer to our Custom Made to Measure Service page, which also explains the simple measurement procedure.


We remind that all received information, is treated with the strictest privacy and in full confidence; please refer: Privacy / Security Policy

We shall process your order / enquiry during office hours. Normally, we shall respond within 1 working day.


, is very proud that we have supplied personal designed garments and costumes to almost every European country and to virtually every continent, in a discrete, secure and trusted manner.