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English School Girl Uniform / Costume - Original SchoolGirl Uniform Designs by - photo 1. English School Girl Uniform / Costume - Original SchoolGirl Uniform Designs by - photo 2. English School Girl Uniform / Costume - Original SchoolGirl Uniform Designs by - photo 3. English School Girl Uniform / Costume - Original SchoolGirl Uniform Designs by - photo 4. English School Girl Uniform / Costume - Original SchoolGirl Uniform Designs by - photo 5. English School Girl Uniform / Costume - Original SchoolGirl Uniform Designs by - photo 6.


English Schoolgirl: School Girl Uniform / Costume   Art.: SG 18

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Sexy School Girl Uniform Description:

Classical English schoolgirl, who is just wanting more private tuition.

This 2 piece schoolgirl uniform, consists of an enticing mini dress and pure white blouse.

The mini dress, is styled in a traditional form and the silver grey material just exudes, a sexy school uniform appearance.

An alluring, come closer impression is completed, with a striking red tie.


This versatile schoolgirl uniform, easily gives rise to that sweet desirable girl look.

The silver grey mini dress, is so styled that it simply gives a sexy feminine appearance.

This is achieved through the combination of a womanly fitted shape, with a flared hem.

The suggestive narrowing waist line / hips profile, is further emphasized through 2 small sexy cut slits, in the dress front panel.


The crisp white blouse, with generous puff sleeves and exaggerated collar, gives an irresistible sexy young girl appearance.

The blouse is further complemented, with small petite style cuffs, radiating a delicate look.

Maybe this girl is not so bright in school, but her other talents give this English schoolgirl top performance marks.

Schoolgirl Uniform Supplied Complete, Consisting Of:

Dress, Blouse and Tie.

Standard Colour: Grey with White Blouse and Red Tie. Material: 100% Polyester.

Optional Accessories:

The photo's show separately available accessories, which are not supplied as standard.

These accessories are: straw hat, over knee stockings.

Accessories can be selected, if desired, in the order form, located below.



Example Schoolgirl Straw Hat; Art. Nr. SG_Straw_hat_#1 Price: € 30,-

Optional School Girl Matching Straw Hat, Schoolgirl Uniforms by

This schoolgirl uniform, can also be supplied with a matching straw hat, with optional matching ribbon colours.

Example: Schoolgirl strawhat - Is supplied in natural colour with pink ribbon / red ribbon / black ribbon, for the respective uniform.

To purchase the optional straw hat, just note "Straw Hat" in the order form text box, below.
Please also indicate your chosen ribbon colour.

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Shown Standard Skirt Length: 40 cm (15.8 inch).
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We offer the costume in various standard skirt lengths (from the waist down), such that you can select your most suitable garment length, to achieve that perfect look, without additional costs.
As such, you can order a correctly fitting garment, that in the waist - as well as in the length, is tailored for your individual size or preference.

Other sizes, lengths and colours, are also available on request.
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