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Privacy and Security - Protecting your Privacy and Confidentiality, part of MBG Fashions in the Netherlands, finds the privacy and protection of client details, extremely important.
Our business is based on successful, long term client relationships.

All client details, including email and postal delivery addresses, are treated with strict confidentiality and complete privacy.
Any received information is never, under any circumstances, communicated to anyone outside our offices.
We ensure that all personal details are always treated with strict confidentiality and that client privacy is ensured, to the best of our capabilities.

Via this website of, you can source high quality clothing, without financial risk, through a safe and private manner.
When you place orders, we naturally require certain details, necessary to complete your purchases.
This information is used only, to process your orders and to advise of the status of your purchases.
The personal details that you may supply, are used only and exclusively, for the processing of your orders.

We do not make use of any newsletters, promotional emails or such like.
Purchases are never discussed with third parties.

All garments are always sent and delivered in neutral packaging.
The name Cross Dresser is not present in any form, on external packaging labels.

All used papers from our administration office and our design atelier are shredded, prior to disposal.

On client request, computer stored order information, style / design notes and any paper based files can be irrecoverably destroyed.
You need only to send us your request, for order / all other related information, to be deleted: Contact
Any other client specific requests can be considered, by direct request.

Our main business activity is focussed on the provision of very high quality couture and exclusive fashion services.
As such, we suggest that we are very experienced in meeting fully, the confidentiality requirements of our private clients.

We implement a simple and hence secure web site. This website does not use any cookies.
We take your privacy seriously and do not associate ourselves with any information collection or tracking practices. We do not use Google Analytics.

We do not make any use of external computer consultants, web site designers or any such like.
All IT and computer topics are undertaken internally, by our own specialist. This is done to ensure full confidence in our privacy measures and to maintain complete internal control.
Notebook pc's, USB Sticks or such like devices are not allowed to be connected to our main office computers and are never used for any client related information.
Secure, protected and encrypted computer systems are employed.
Hard disk drives are removed and securely erased, from any outdated computer equipment.

If any changes are made to these guiding principles, they will be posted on this web site.

Date of Last modification to our Privacy and Security Statement: 29 September, 2014.